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Full couple tantra online course

  • Now completely in English & GermanWe have recorded the complete course - now in english & german!
  • 10 hours of amazing classesLoving experiences to be enjoyed as a couple
  • FREE extra online coaching session (90 mins)Private online support to make your whole experience even more profound
  • Videos of guided practices and meditationsRecordings of all the powerful practices and active meditations
  • Audio files with breathworkBreathing techniques to prepare you to get the most out of your learning
  • Theory worksheets of the practicesShort introduction and easy-to-follow explanations of each class

Start your first breathwork lesson now

The complete course includes 12 classes with 5 lessons each! This is one free breathwork lesson out of it. Enjoy.

This simple but effective breathing exercise prepares you for the following Tantra class. The calming breath brings you into an awakened but relaxed state of mind and body.

Enjoy your first tantra practice now

The complete course includes 12 classes with 5 lessons each! This is one free practice lesson out of it. Enjoy.

This basic Tantra exercise is as simple as it is effective and forms a foundation for the rest of the course. Touch as an active and conscious choice of love.


Everything now in one course.


Come with us

We have created the new WE online tantra course for couples, with wonderful heart-centred practices that will change your life. 

All our classes have been prepared in a loving and caring way, specially with the intention of bringing you some beautiful moments together. And to suggest you a new way of being with yourself and with your partner.

We know how essential it is for couples to spend some meaningful experiences, independently of you sharing your life since a long time or if being at the beginning of a relationship. 


You will love tantra!

Tantra practices can bring you so much, they can help you to improve your communication, to (re)awaken sensibility and sensuality, to take your relationship to a deeper level of connection and fulfilment.

That’s why we will guide you through simple, yet powerful practices, that will open your heart and enable you to find your own “the new we” on a physical, emotional and spiritual level within yourself and in your relationship.

We believe you will love our course, as we prepared such an awesome content and we have put so much love into it! 

  • You will experience practices to open your heart 
  • You will learn how to bring more attention to your breath and your body
  • You will practice being present and mindful
  • You will discover a new way of touching and being touched
  • You will find more sensitivity and sensibility in your intimacy
  • You will spend some beautiful and loving moments together

Just allow your mind to be open, experience it and you will surprise yourself.


Our practices can be done by anyone

Our course consists of beautiful exercises that can be done by couples of any sexual identity. Feminine and masculine energies exist within all of us and throughout nature and are not gender bound. The dynamic between these energies is different for each person. It depends on the individual, as well as life experience, family influence, cultural background, society and the collective situation.

Our course is a love-based course, and all our practices and experiences can be done by any person, of any sexual identity. 


This makes it the perfect gift of love.

Come with us to the new we,
Ana & Dennis

  • classes/lectures12/55
  • skillsall levels
  • languageEnglish
  • supportfree couple coaching session

tantric couple practices – meditation – breathwork – instructions

Special – now lifetime access for 329 249 eur!

Take a step to enhance your love life.

Ana & Dennis
We are a tantric couple from Germany and Portugal. We believe that love is all we need to co-create a better world. And we know how beautifully tantra enables us to connect our body and heart with our mind and spirit. love-tantra is our way to achieve a wonderful life, with more awareness, being in the present moment and feeling grateful for all our experiences. -
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