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Tantra Teacher Ana & Dennis

About love tantra teacher

How we became love tantra teacher

love-tantra was created by us, to introduce life-changing experiences to others, through online courses, live workshops and retreats.

love-tantra is free from any doutrines, religions, or political influences.

Our tantra teachings are heart-based, very practical and down-to-earth.

Our true wish is to contribute to more awareness, love and joy in this beautiful world.

About Ana & Dennis

Who is behind love-tantra

We are a tantra teacher couple – Ana and Dennis – who study and practice meditation, breathwork and tantra.

Tantra Teacher Ana


Tantra teacher & couples and family coach

Ana has been learning, practicing and working in several areas she is passionate about – creative fields, childbirth, herbalism, yoga, meditation, breathing, massage, coaching and tantra.

What she mostly takes from all these experiences is a deeper connection with herself, with others and with nature, and the joyful energy of being alive and present in each moment of life.

Mainly as a doula, relationship coach and tantra teacher, Ana has been sharing her energy, support and empowerment to women and men in phases of great transformation and discovery of themselves.

Tantra Teacher Dennis


Tantra teacher & reiki therapist

Dennis spiritual journey started in 2002 during a 9 month journey through southeast Asia, full of wonderful experiences of yoga, meditation and healing experience. The beginning into the spiritual world was made.

In the past years the light became brighter…

Meditation retreats, adjustment of lifestyles, food and daily routines, deepening of knowledge in meditation, autosuggestion and self-love, course to become a reiki master and tantra teacher training course.

Tantra Teacher Love Tantra

Ana & Dennis

We are delighted to share with you the wonderful path of tantra and specifically our work as tantra teachers. Our intention is to ignite your curiosity and offer you a precious opportunity to embark on your own profound tantric journey.

The mere mention of the word “tantra” may conjure up various images in the minds of many. However, it is crucial to understand that tantra extends far beyond mere eroticism and desire, serving as a profound life philosophy. Tantra is a transformative practice that allows us to fully embrace life, integrating all aspects of our being.

There exist countless avenues through which one can immerse themselves in the realm of tantra. You might begin by seeking out interesting readings and engaging in enlightening workshops, either individually or alongside your beloved partner. As tantra encompasses diverse experiences, it is essential to explore and discover which path resonates most harmoniously with your own being.

In this transformative journey, a tantra teacher assumes the role of an invaluable guide. Tantra teachers and facilitators possess profound knowledge and experience in the realm of tantric work. They offer their wisdom to make this ancient practice accessible and comprehensible, illuminating the way for seekers like yourself.

To initiate your preparation, we have crafted a wholeheartedly online workshop that provides the perfect gateway. By acquainting yourself with tantra at your own pace, in the comforting embrace of your own home, you will experience a heightened sense of relaxation and the potential to delve deeper within yourself. Embarking on this journey with your beloved partner can be a wonderful means of sharing and enriching your relationship.

As for us, Ana and Dennis, we were introduced to tantra through a tapestry of workshops, retreats, and seminars, absorbing wisdom from various teachers and diverse schools of thought. Driven by a yearning to forge a deeper connection with tantra, we underwent a transformative tantra teacher training course. This training granted us not only a deep personal experience but also equipped us with the tools and techniques to facilitate the practice of tantra.

As tantra teachers, our aspiration is to guide others towards a profound understanding of themselves and their relationships.
We hope that these words give you a small insight into the world of tantra and tantra teachers and arouses your curiosity to explore this fascinating path yourself. Always remember that at its core, tantra is a celebration of life in all its myriad facets, beckoning you to embrace it with every fiber of your being.

our approach

We believe in the wisdom of tantra

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Feel yourself

Our classes work always with the biggest destination of your self-love, inner growth and happiness.

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Feel your partner

Rediscover each other, bring back and deepen the sensuality and sexuality in your relationship.


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School of love

love-tantra gives you the knowledge to enhance your loving energy and apply amazing teachings into your daily life. 

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Live the tantric way

love-tantra offers you the ancient eastern techniques of tantra in a modern western way.


Thank you for your trust & love
  • This course has so much to give. Meditations and practice but also life experiences to implement directly! Thank you!

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    Andrea & Markus
  • What a great experience  – full of new practice to grow. We highly recommend it! Thx

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    Jana & Theo
  • We enjoyed the course so much. a new energy has been created between us. Thank you!

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    Thomas & Lara
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“Pay more attention to your happiness”

Osho about love & tantra